September 25th, 2006

Monday 25th September 2006.

Today i have pledged,my body and soul to someone special,i have become their slave,i hope that this desire of mine to serve such, will enable mistress butterfly,to contemplate life from a different angle,and for her strength to step from the shadows,for her art to bloom beyond the black tulip of yesteryear,to sit and ponder amongst the summer sunflowers watch the butterflies knowing that in her hand she now owns one that will not retreat in winter shrouds,cause the gentle snowflake to melt without leaving a trace in her heart and soul.And so the promise of this new day dawns and may the days leap and forn,brook babble as the hobnailed boots surrender to the flowering poppies,bright red to the future,until the ink fades and the contract started today is all that is left of both souls.