October 24th, 2006

Tuesday 24th October 2006.

Spent most of the day in bondage,a butt plug,firmly encased and strapped up so that i could move about with out to much worry of the plug being rejected.It is the longest time i have ever worn one and it will take some training to move more freely,like venturing outside in the big wide world.It is such a sensational feeling as it plops into place,and i could instantly feel the fight my body was having against it,however they say mind over matter and i won through.It is a fabulous feeling to have an e-mail from my mistress saying that i am progressing well and that the bitch has set some targets which i will have top obey rather rapid and that mistress is coming along too by becoming more use to the idea that she can command her will,even though i am thousands of miles away.knowing that it will be obeyed,for if not then there is no point.