November 3rd, 2006

friday 3rd November 2006.

Guy Fawkes is getting his arse burnt tonight the biffs and whizz's can be heard above the passing traffic.Katee is itchy and wishes she was sat arm in arm with some one, watching all the rockets as the bus travels through the urban landscape for once stuck in a traffic jam would be considered a delight,maybe the lights went out and two people could taste each others lipstick.

However the zipper was ordered and delightfully taken,quickly zipped up each tinge a welcome gasp a settling of thoughts for twenty minutes and then the lng climb down my removal between each minute,had there been more time i might have tried five minute between each.When she who must be obeyed has read all tonight there is going to be much thought,i hope the strength and honour plus a heep of luv will carry the tide,even though there has been two terrible milkings due to the scamp being on leave and misbehaving some what...