November 24th, 2006

Friday 24th November 2006.

I have been instructed,by Mistress Butterfly to apoligize here in my blog for misdemeanors that i have done whilst she has been engaged else where on other pressing duties.I here by say how sorry i am for taking advantage of one particular token given to me these last few weeks,by abusing it quite heavily.Some people take drugs,others perhaps watch every soap opera known to man,or go to sporting events and scream blue murder;me myself i masturbate probably to excess,and have done for so long, opiate is not a strong enough word.
i could make excuses by saying God told me to masturbate,jump up and down in indignation if some one challenges this.But seeing as i believe that God has already left us to it and perhaps God cannot be bothered any more as we have not learnt one lesson surrounding warfare whether by throwing rocks or doing sidewinders in a apache helicopter.
Masturbation to me is fabulous...but so is my Mistress and i would rather keep my Mistress than revert back to masturbation without a purpose of pleasing mistress,so therefore i bow down and apoligize to my mistress's greater will and fortitude after all i looked, found, and nurtured her and not the other way around so i owe her the respect she deserves.