January 1st, 2007

Monday 1st January 2007.

I always stand and stare into my self during the new years eve festive throw aways, giving myself targets for the coming year,i manage this by standing in a kitchen with cans of mid-strength beer and stepping out side of myself and thinking come on tosser do it.Most fall by the way side by mid february.Each year i ask myself why i still prevail and always come up with the answer that if only one makes it to the bitter end i have advanced past the forlorn hope that drags my mind down to a stale stalwart.Which happens at a too regular pace and i lord over myself with the same tired excuses each one sinking into the abyss of cannot be bothered,or is it lazy..or just simply me on this journey..i read in one of my favourite blogs the other day, in which he is trying to break out and i laugh because i am trying to break in.The tapestry is the same only the colour of the rhubarb and age shows the difference between us two troglodytes trussed up in silken Kimono's.If it was not for a certain wireless i would be at the bottom of the blue lagoon wallowing in self pity,doubt..and sod it....Quite why this wireless has picked me,when cyber-space is so full of better than i is a question i can only answer by a glimpse into the wild wood.....and perhaps ask badger..