March 19th, 2007

Monday 19th March 2007.

" Play up! Play up!
And Play the game! "

Just a few lines from Vitae Lampada...enough to make the mind jingle,they sprang to mind as i skirted with one of my favourite blogs tonight i could almost feel his mind working,the indecision,the wonder where life is taking him,the need to tidy his blog up and then again not to bother.
Each day we wake up do we ask this question,or should i change this to i,in what is my first thought of the day,do i ask myself to clean my teeth take a piss,slump down on the porcelain god and shit...or is this done on auto pilot..sometimes i clean my teeth in the dark is this because i do not want to see myself in the mirror, or is the light to bright.Were the lines in the blog a sort of good bye, is he thinking of giving up,has the end of the road come hurtling in a blink of a red light.It would be a great shame.But then i have been here at the close of play so many times just when i get comfortable, think i have found a bed of roses,only to find the thorns are all that is left as the blood trickles down on to my shoes,do i gasp or simply shake my head not in disbelief but more of what the fuck.
Yesterday was mothers day..a WTF..mood waved over me i sent a card did i really want to could i be bothered,did it worry me,maybe not but it certainly played on my mind.I did not even pick up the telephone..shit i thought maybe tomorrow and maybe tomorrow again..i think i have lost to many good people these last few years and before i become to enriched in melancholy dandiloins perhaps i should close on this most weary of days,maybe play up,play the game, will have soaked into my rain sodden head by the morning.