April 24th, 2007

Tuesday 24th April 2007.

Gosh is it really that long since i last scribbled in this journal.Have i really been standing at the bus stop for a week,how the clouds have rushed by,if not for the note from my Mistress i might well have missed tonight also,such has been the fog surrounding this bus stop. Have hardly seen one good bus enough to clamber on too as the last time the beast had pinched my seat...some habits make make me seem old, festering inside a kettle unable to punch off the lid, climb out into the bright sunlight,maybe the bulk of my body, the sudden blank from cyber space, after i inquired after some one who simply wanted his cock sucked..well sadly his loss for i want to blow my own trumpet tonight,i am in the mood to suck cocks and wish to fill my mind with the thoughts that i am good and luv to take my time enjoying every moment..lately i have seen so many adverts that just want to either rush in,or want you to rush in and off,no kiss me quick hats or a simple cup of tea,they might as well hump a grapefruit and squash on a can of Vimto..the whole point for me is to catch that hot fluid to give that pleasure then pass the time of day away with a cup of tea or something before zipping up,so much in life has become instant bullied by the watch...i saw another advert today...man in a camper van wanted a quick suck and then your almost thrown out with trousers around the ankles whilst he sped away into the sunset..looking for his next victim i wonder if he is a cock vampire keeping notes and scores length and widths..and not much thinking of how wonderful it is to give some one of your own sex a simple pleasure frowned apon by those that have ears in walls and green bills that slip up your arse to see if you are eating correctly..not that they want you to live to long, the propaganda they slush out saying no pennies in the pension pot such utter bollocks perhaps they would be happy if your last gasp breath was a week before you picked up your state pension,but will not admit it.....

I have finally closed the pages on a book i bought in Singapore book store that was recommended for cruising for cocks, how i laughed at my self slurping each male up thinking yes... no...perhaps i should print on my head cock sucker...oh well sometimes i have to smile at the world or else i would evolve into a urban hermit although thankfully i have my Mistress to keep me from falling into that shell of thoughts...the book was good and sometimes wish those youth days when i could read three or four books a week would sometimes return but there again perhaps not...the story was of a girl traveling through Burma in search of G.O.'s days as a policeman in the days..ssshhh shall i whisper Empire...The sadness of the book was how battered down Burma has become..1984..is alive and well in that country and i sat there as each page turned and felt how strange Bush and Blair are not interested in sending young lads in to do the washing and perhaps bring some life to the dying country..the prose in the book almost made you swat flies,drink tea,tiffin, and feel the heat, it is for me one of those books i will always remember and possibly in old age read once more...oh well time to go i can see a bus coming through the mist i do hope the beast is not sitting in my seat perhaps i should throw him a bone..