May 26th, 2007

Saturday 26th May 2007.

I have been much in luv with myself this past week through the strokes found in the colour yellow.The paintbrush has wielded as if masturbation of old,rising hard firm,lasting as long as i wished,no droop,no worry if such member has called it a day, now only fit for old memories,for that old childhood jibe, " fit for just stirring tea ",how i laughed at that quote long ago in the playground,knowing that had i glimpsed a slight tinge of forbidden flesh instant hard on rushed stars before my eyes,now i have to see beasts in pink thrusting flesh to start the lazy lob,hoping this half hearted lazy lob will grow dandelion tall,blossom into talking clocks floating off into oblivion.
My mouth is slowly becoming my sex object,the mind stutters on trying to compromise for the cock, who i hope is only away on holiday but do i kid myself..??.In the meantime i have given head twice in the past ten days both a struggle with some dark corners of the mind, both not all blue skies,frosted yellow paint brushes, never the less some enjoyment,laughs,giggles wet knickers, such is the warp-factor mind that clouds my body.

I may be the only human,that perhaps has not seen one episode of the Simpson's,the lure to watch the yellow head has failed to lure me in front of the big screen,with media such a unwanted tapestry in everyday life now, i do know some of the players in the Simpson's.So when i was stood in the local bakers as my eyes latched on to this bright gingerbread i am sorry to say cocks began to grow flowering in the mind hot jets of sperm swam around the bakers shop i am sure the buxom girls behind the counter would not even dream in their most remote seconds,that anyone would like to give head to any character in the Simpson's,i had to laugh giggle as it was picked up with silver tongues shut away from the light in a white paper bag,until the day i struck savored each crumb,thinking madness in the making...but at least i can laugh at my inner self who has this habit of wanting cock inside the mouth to feel that hot surge spurt,until sometimes it is all i think about.

The other moment was real,a real cock,searched out among the ruins enclosed in cyber space a dream come true without the waste of string beans running away.