May 30th, 2007

Wednesday 30th May 2007.

Today i have been slowly trying to prepare myself to be ready in time for the month of June the start of last gasp saloon,should i fail then i think i shall be sat on the bus alone.The slink feel of the material i crave will gather cobwebs catching enough dust from lost words and empty promises to drown any future spiders that might walk across my mind requesting such orders for guidance,in the way of life to serve one in all matters.I am in the boxing ring of thoughts,my mind sees the white rope,hoping the bell will not ring for time out.
Tomorrow they say never comes,but if i say twenty four hours to go,will that come and how many buses will pass and will my name be on the seat as usual.
I have been on this bus before,though have taken it for granted that i would get the best seats with little effort.Always eager to rush to the front push my face on the glass and dribble always tomorrow.