August 31st, 2007

Friday 31st August 2007.

My mind told me this morning,that today is the last day of Summer,from now on each time the paper sun creeps forth,fortunate is the smile, crisscrossing from ear to ear,the distance is not great,nor will the warmth from the yellow ball bother the fly's around my eyes,already they are tossing thought waves in simple tones, do i pull out the long trousers now, or squinting try and fob another few days in summers fading pulse.
I decided to fob,why not i thought, fuck it, winter's long march is barren enough.Besides have i not given plenty of laughs by wearing shorts..who the hell is Squarebob-Spongepants is he a playmate of the Simpson's,is that the lady who married Edward VIII.Time presses closer the day is already looming full,rush hour traffic has to be beaten in some form.Perhaps that is why so much of Manchester's streets are full of billboards.
Today as i drifted under the foreboding grey clouds of Manchester looking like a pantomime dame minus the blusher..the billboards told that i could pick up a brand new four wheel drive, not " only " thirty grand,plus a few shillings..but " from "..Bollocks i thought, if i had thirty grand in my rusty pocket,i'd rather buy a ticket to some far flung billabong full of amber nectar to see if i could tear off Crocodile Dundee's trousers with my teeth.
As my shorts pressed constantly the brake pad,i was also informed that i would feel beautiful if i bought this slim steel cased mobile phone,the web would be my instant prize,capturing all sorts of musical tunes.Urrmm..i thought, but bollocks simply would not go out of focus and so i shrugged,pulled into the car park gave my two quid for an all day ticket to some nice mature gentleman.Informed yet again by some mobile phone company that i could blow bubbles with such a machine.Hawkwind's " Silver Machine " broke into the first notes,were those "the" days...or simply the roses in my head garden mixed to far with " Scot's flowers in the hair " back in that first summer of luv during 1967, have they become to bright around the chocolate box lid picture...pushing nostalgia into a Marshmallow morality meltdown,this generation walking besides me might not be able to create.
However as long as places like Afleks Palace still mushroom, hope lies in spores within,free from the constant push and shove between Christians/Muslims,trying to dictate who God actually is,and who can wear the most gruesome outfits.A youth is scorned if wandering into a shop with a hood up..yet others are not,the faiths are beginning to wear me down i feel as if i am back at boarding school..stand by your beds on sundays then aboard the bus for church service.
The War of the Worlds is in full flight, but it is not aliens from another planet crunching my bollocks,simply my fellow has faiths been allowed to escape from the heart,the pages from the prayer book,to be struck up all over the red bricked urban sprawl in gaily fluorescent punched quickie notes.." smile god loves you "..Jesus is watching you.."..i wonder if he is watching when i have a piss,perhaps not...