September 7th, 2007

Friday 7th September 2007.

It did not take long......the front page of the Manchester Evening News..ran the immortal words...Pavarotti sang for me...i thought this morning at work a whole host of jokes would be flying around,but tonight as i sit here with the dim light by this plastic machine for company,melancholy madness just beyond, hanging on the walls jabbering waiting for the demons to rise up.
That perhaps people would think that Pavarotti was an ready made Italian dish found in the coolers housed in Supermarkets.
The problem is not them,but i,why should they reach for Albert Camus,Graham Green,Dylan Thomas.When the world is a wash with bright shinning Celeb-teeth screaming from their televisions.And why does it dishearten me such,when after all " each to there own ".It is i who has to get over it.Perhaps i should go Baaaaaa..and join them.
However tomorrow is another day, another fight with the mind games,i have some medicine in the fridge waiting to celebrate the weekend...oh..for Chardonnay....good weather and a last summer BBQ....all three would be nice,but one will do.