September 19th, 2007

Wednesday 19th September 2007.

Can you love to much..??
If you cannot what does that make you..???

The wireless spat it's usual report on the Middle East..the Afgan-ie war and all the expected quirks one now finds in the news fodder, daily fed to us every few moments with out respite, blame is spread across the ploughed field with only the seagulls taking any notice.
One story did make me think ponder..go wow with a heavy sigh.
Some months ago a 17 year old girl was found dead on some railway tracks,must have been a time when the wireless button remained fixed on skies paper suns must have been my opiate,for i cannot recall the story,impressing my mind,perhaps i am becoming numb to death pouring out of the wireless,constantly.Perhaps it is time to rest the on button,before life seems so cheap in a hand full of words.Yesterday the girls 40 year old mother was found dead at the very same spot.
Around the next bend my tiny red van came to a stop the wireless automatically cuts out,some times it is a blessing,sometimes when England are about to win at cricket it is not.Waiting at the gate was this set of breasts so awesome it was hard to strike up a conversation about the weather,my eyes drank in every quiver beneath the tight white t-shirt,if i had had a pin they would have popped,if she was not holding the gate smiling would she have become Marry Poppins.I wanted to say something..but thankfully the weather decided the issue.Having to bat both sides in life is hard,both beauty,sadness in split seconds.Is it my defense that i can plough out the sadness for the sake of the untouchable breasts.Does this make the young girl and mother cheap in the face of those superb breasts this morning,or maybe love to me is not quite as it should be.