September 26th, 2007

Wednesday 26th September 2007.

Today i posted my cheque for £135.50...for my yearly TV.license,if i do not pay i could face a £2,000 fine or imprisonment.A shopkeeper in Sheffield was imprisoned for eleven years a few days ago for laundering money via Western Union to Jamaica.
A man who knocked over and killed a young boy was given 200 hours community service,life in England is becoming cheaper as each year rolls by.The punishment for acts against those that command us become harsher.The age of retirement for rank and file is becoming out of reach.The labour party has this week been having it's annual conference in Bournemouth,once a place where you went to die quietly in retirement..a stroll along the beach with a copy of the daily mirror tucked under the arm,if it was warm a knotted hankie was placed on the head and if it became hot the trousers were rolled up as pink toes were cooled in the gentle surf.An ice cream cornet balanced the copy of the Daily Mirror under the arm in an air of satisfaction that no more would a touch of the forelock under the flat cap be needed any longer.On a clear day France could possibly be glimpsed.
Today France stuck it's two fingers up to the Common Market with some fiscal measures, among this utterance any overtime worked would be tax free...Bless-em
Gorden Brown must have been under the breakfast table throwing one off this morning at such news, his face almost purple..or should i really say blue as his tie became caught in the clawed feet,...and not from the motion of his pumping hand at such words from the old foe,perhaps his tie was from Maggie's handbag given during the tea and biscuits a week past..Norman Tebbit the man who said get on yer bike and look for work, as Maggie rampaged through the rank and file waving pretty utility shares from her handbag as they were ushered out of the factory gates,has stated that Gorden Brown could possibly make a good clone of dear old Maggie.How dread full...
Today the Burma monks were once more on the street..two reported killed,many blood stained,did i know it was coming,probably,will it change anything,probably not,will the United Nations,close it's eyes, begin empty words and pass the wine glass...There again i never thought that the Berlin Wall would come down in my there is hope and so i shall raise a glass of foaming mirth to Burma tonight hoping that freedom does not become a bubble on the wind.If freedom quakes, Micky Mouse must be kept firmly away from the ancient green culture dressed in tree creepers,shrouding dotty old tea shops.For he is firmly in Ten Downing Street and cannot speak french.