October 31st, 2007

Wednesday 31st October 2007.

" so if you're down the street sometime
and spot some hollow ancient eyes,
please don't just pass'em by and stare
as if you din't care say hello in there,hello "

I awoke this morning,with this tune once more inside my head not even brushing my teeth could not dislodge Natalie Merchant and Michael Stipe singing, along with Billy Bragg in the sunshine city of Glasgow back in 1990.Halloween had indeed arrived.
The morning wireless 6am news bulletin spat out the usual,bla..bla,with overtones of concrete lemons cascading as imaged froth,a sequined belly dancer, then uttered the immortal words..the police are on full alert..aaarrhh i thought Halloween has arrived,further shakes of belly brought " Flour,eggs have been banned from sale " to those not qualified as Zimmerframe Pilots.As you pass the urban tapestry row on row of grey slate,uniformed,once built to funnel the great unwashed to the mill gates via the stone church who's spire was the only thing that fucked itself above the gloom.It is not hard to fathom why flour and eggs were quietly withdrawn from those strong enough to launch,maybe those who order us were frightened in the aim, strength, found in the Molotov Cocktail arm growing,thus seeds might one day see the light of day.
It is hard to lift above the constant gloom,there is not a day when someone is not trying to fuck you right up to the tonsils,with all sorts of verbal shit,enough to grow a trillion fungi in a lions arse.

This piccy captured to day,is one of the few joys of the journey my eyes in soft focus have lingered over.There have been others however i can feel the second glass of Chardonnay creeping up,i am playing the " War of the Worlds " Richard Burton's voice is cabbaging my head, lust is shedding caterpillar skin to flow as butterfly-moths.
A friend is silent i hope the belly dancers across the landing are at least feeding him,if he is strapped to the bed.To bad he only knocked for the strange music bending through the wall,did he want it stopping or merely louder.If you are strapped,then give a wave...at least we know your in safe hands...lol...