March 23rd, 2008

Easter Sunday 23rd March 2008.

The demons that came in the night were heavy in porcelain thoughts driven by what..? is only know to the maker of pink laces forlorn in hobnailed boots.
With relief i awoke at 5am from this scatter brained cloves of crows pecking at my brain, the strange glow from the undrawn curtains make me rise and stare i expected Tom Cruise and the bus full of war of the worlds to be sat beyond my window,i would have certainly invited old Tom in,for reasons why, i think the demons continue to play spit ball with my mind.
Instead i saw falling snow thick heavy flakes that bring such glee to small children,instantly i became one, waving off the nightly demons i rushed down stairs pulled on the hobnails, grabbing a coat stretched out into the dark silence for a few moments in madness i took off my coat and felt the flakes clamber in fluffy lightness over my skin..Gosh i thought if this had been evening i might just have had a glass of chardonnay in hand,sometimes simple pleasures are wonderful.