May 6th, 2008

Tuesday 6th May 2008.

As a salute to the warmest day of the year,so far in this red bricked metropolis i have remained sober,the Chardonnay has winked away in the rack but i have used squiffy to keep the cork in the bottle.It is not easy any excuse to pop the cork, the world just seems so rammed full of desolation each waking day.Even if i try to retreat into silence somehow the worm in hobnailed boots manages to visit pouring out vermin biscuits encrusted with howling nightmares.
Even during Maggie Thatchers rape of the working class,it did not quite seem this bad,or simply maybe i am now looking at those times through relaxed eyeballs as they drift further away with every sun rise.
The warmth of the sun plays a mellow mandolin,the foot fall becomes softer,hunky men in a trillion road works clodding up the snake slithering roads do not seam so harsh, so nasal,in the weary traffic.A young lad eager also for the sun removed his shirt,i once had a body like that flat stomach not a crisp of any hair in the chest..wowo i thought as my tiny red van urged it's self by.Oblivious to human perhaps to strong a word but then again maybe not.