August 5th, 2008

Tuesday 5th August 2008.

Today it rained,the cabbage kings, butterfly wings,the empire of the stag beatles have also had enough,they have now packed their bags and stand on the station platform waiting, not for the train home but a spur a branch line that escaped the Beaching report hit of the sixties where any train tracks through rural England that inspired Rosebay Willow Herb to grow freely among the rods of steel was closed down ripped up and what ever else flatulence brought during the raving days of the sixties to those who's power altered our lives.
They are waiting for the train to paradise with sunshine.
Today i met a mature receptionist with one button above her buxom body closed,how i wished i could just pop one button to see some fine mature flesh she is by far above the dreaded advert land age of 35...however what made me stare harder on this soft worn skin was the point she made when we discussed the weather..." think of the rain as liquid sunshine "..yes i thought as i closed up the open button before me in my imagination. Liquid sunshine i thought turning around and reaching my tiny red van then perhaps what would you call sperm then white lightening..the craving is growing once more.
Though this afternoon as i thought on how my blogging skills rise and fall in tune to the raindrops falling down my windows i would take some time out promise myself to do better and as something to give me good cheer a spot of clear nail varnish aaarrhh vanity and the naked civil service..i wonder how this rain sodden land would be now if the naked civil servant had trampled all over those hetro dogs to the top ranks rather than away with the faeries in down town New York.
However life has to be lived to ones best and i will watch for the train passing this afternoon in the hope it does indeed go to paradise.