March 13th, 2009

Friday 13th March 2009.

It is time to think about leave behind the blow up doll i have been sleeping on and the wonders i have seen felt in this fair City so far from home..i wish i could bag up some of this sunshine carry across the seas to filter it through the crazy mix which makes up Manchester,I wonder would Manchester change if such a climate fell through the skies to haunt the red bricked sprawl..would every street corner be festooned with cafe chairs..or would the grim grit, flowing old newspapers still drift in old cowboy films motion.
Would the people change,no longer bent backs in heavy coats,mustard faces from evey crack,the constant moaning about the weather,of which i am also guilty...Would Manchester Look a sexy beast.
In all my travels this city has to be the most sexual open faced i have paced through in soft foot falls so far..the beautiful have turned my head,i am not daft enough yet to think i have found Eldorado in human flesh, for there have been pimples on a ducks back however ducks after all are small creatures,and i do squint at such things as top-tens and those dreadful books a thousand places to see before you die a tick list of life,they are almost like the bible you will do.