April 26th, 2009

Sunday 26th April 2009.

I am still entombed in the heavy mixture of being away from England...usually..it was mainly coming home to the crap weather front...the dull the damp weather that eats away at the mind.This has not been the case the weather front has been kind almost wall to wall sunshine since i stepped off the plane two weeks ago,perhaps England is in for a fine summer for once, cannot remember the year when such happened.
What is playing on my mind is how regimented England has become...Whilst in Australia..i never came across one speed hump..hardly saw any speed camera's..not one traffic warden did i see in the suburbs waiting for the second hand to run out of time...no wall to wall..CCTV..camera's...no signs,with such crap as these camera's are for your health and safety and all the rest of the Bla..Bla...they think is good for us....