January 2nd, 2011

Sunday 2nd January 2011.

Again i sit here in the serious pre-dawn,trinity Sunday rolls around my imagination locked within these four walls, the winter melancholy so ubiquitously dribbles down the red bricked urban sprawl nailed on by the even more depressing grim grey slated roofs row after row as if toy soldiers stood to attention. Scary the thought,befuddled the mind as the new year opens up into the unknown paradise of what could be...????
I am still struggling with old fonds picked up in 2010, each year is the same the house still full of Christmas, paraded red santa's, bull check my thoughts to brake the chains of the year end......a habit which comes as Big Ben rings out the new year,and does not leave until all the beaming smiles of such red men are safely locked away after the tenth day of christmas in their boxed homes,childhood superstitions of bringing bad luck curse me if touched before the tenth, not to at least close their eyes in sleep for another year.
Even though winters metropolis is a powerful gag to stay indoors,to hide away from the big bad wolf i feel i have to venture out to break these melancholy thoughts from becoming a sorry seed, germinating the rank and file amongst the Forlorn Hope Regiment,to come and carry me away in the depths of a bleak winter.