January 3rd, 2011

Monday 3rd January 2011.

My slavery in the Christmas Kitchen has ended,i have cooked my last meal,prepared with gratitude for the two who ease my pain in the modern world of kiss me quick laughs, and stories of the great goddesses in celluliod. Whom haunt as all.
 I was sent out to the Tune of " Everything i Own " by Ken Boothe a really wonderful tune from my past, in the mid seventies when i was so besotted with a particular girl and really had not much of a care about the world. I smile now thinking how far my hair drifted down my back,my parents were not happy but then have they ever been such..but i do not want to dwell on such a trauma, as the tiny feet scampering around the house begin to round up, the big fat red men so wonder fully coloured from green to red by Coca-cola and co... far before sperm had even been sent to grow thus dispatching  me into this world of boom boom.

As much as i luv the festive season now, i am so glad to watch the tiny joyous men climb back into their containers and rest for another twelve months, after the ten days of christmas have played out their last lament.
I am at times a futitive land locked in curses dripping down the wall paper from far off lands in childhood when Christmas was more than a humbug covered in blue bottles.
One cannot change the past,there is no blame, perhaps in a strange way Ken Boothe says it all. As i prepare for the onslaught of the coming year. Is that a Yippie perhaps so.