January 23rd, 2011

Sunday 23rd January 2011.

My generation is being packaged into nothing..we will be known in the history books as they whom had all, but lost it...simply because we could not be bothered in the long winters to speak out,against the rage going on before our eyes. Or some of us believe what those above us dressed in suits of our own generation spit out in a blur of words as truth, have we have been kissed by fate. And thus the greater I...number more than i..dream in so, and i sail in a boat of vanity caught in leaves that are green in romantic seas of spleen-spiffs dribbled in babbling brooks.
Thank goodness for poets like John Cooper Clarke..."Evidently Chicken Town "....and i can sink in such a volume rest before i carry on the onslaught accepting no kisses from fate. In the thoughts that "  Imagine " was at least believable in my distant youth for at least a few.
And he who bared me from commenting on his blog..that suits maybe powerful.but not important..perhaps i should not have used the words HItler..but then Chardonnay bubbles can only really say ha....and i must learn not to wonder through LJ...on a sea of bubbles......and say the suits in power over the world today are as bad or worse than Hitler....