February 3rd, 2011

Thursday 3rd February 2011.

 The ebb of the day reflects amongst the fronds of gathered within, i contemplate this white screen,the starkness clamours as loud as silence can possibly be fathomed by such a thought.The rush of rubber tyres outside my window hang in slow motion between the ruffles in the curtain at low tide, i glance at the clock and really i should by now have blown out the candle pulled down the sheets and lay to wallow among the crusts of contacts formed in the strange passages within my mind, found forming amongst the contacts glimpsed as the hours passed today.
The walls of such passages quiver never quite knowing what i will tumble down next, never prepared is not so much a motto just simply a statement prepared for what comes around the corner.
Each glimmer to be absorbed even cascaded during these last Winter Months leaves its own touch. All this forms the feelings as i sit here thinking really i should close, however the white screen drives on i am in limbo neither super happy or super sad, i am just simply here now.