February 20th, 2011

Sunday 20th February 2011.

 Ooohhhhh dear ten days since i last laid my cap,sat here and pondered about what i should scribble across the big white daunting screen. i have as always passed this way looking in my friends Colosseum wondering if they feel such as me, my self. Vanity as always the big wide sledge hammer behind the ears..mush mush as the whip cracks or thud thud as the hammer falls, where have you been..??? Indeed i ask myself the very same question.
Is there an answer,is there ever an answer in this big wide world,yet i am not curly leaf or in the mode of melancholy madness i am simply drifting through the dark pencilled crosses on the calender. Each cross i ask, is it but a wasted day??. Have i fulfilled my wishes from the new year. And really what am i thinking on this dark Sunday night when cold means testicles free-falling into being cracked of by freezing hands.Do so cocks feel this intrusion.
Bar humbug at least i have made a few lines with out mentioning the word Cock.......sigh...