March 6th, 2011

Sunday 6th March 2011.

 Boo....i say to myself Boo again..just in case i have forgotten myself and whom i am, wandering in soft shoes through the land scape of this planet. I wonder where i have been, some habits are hard to budge,some never seem to get a grip some other fly in the ointment,drifts in front of the eyeballs.
Maybe my mind is on other untouchable balls those that can easily fit inside the mouth,or perhaps i have been working too hard to rest in the comfort zone to gather some peace in this ever noise soaked world.
The babble bubble is not enough to justify the excuse not to pass this way,the blank screen is not that hard once the engine of the keys prods motion especially on a Sunday morn before the world wakes up to once more rage against the storm tossed tempest seas of minds whom agreement is not in the foretaste to be hold.
And how am i..should i really be saying whilst watching the clock in tick-tock seconds..the sun shines behind the curtains,the big yellow taxi is about to roar on this kisses to myself to wander here again very soon Poo sticks too.