June 1st, 2011

Wednesday 1st June 2011.

I have now closed the door on the first reasonable month of the year, i feel most comfortable in, the ease in which i can discard the Forlorn Hope Regiment after winters mind drought can at times be dramatic,this year has been no exception. After yet another gasping winter i took hold of May cajoled my ageing bones, to fill a glass jar full enough to hold and gloat over,as the warmth seeped from the earth's clod.
My crimson mind, trafficked dripping thoughts, recalls, on passing gnostic dwarfs,nuclear physicists,hungry out of reach cocks,feeling touching as time ticked, i grasped,even those i knew, yet, did not know, through cyber -space are remembered as their fingertips will not trip the light fantastic across keyboards as June opens its doors.
But most of all me myself will, i crisp across the face of this plastic machine which holds my mind together through the storm of life,i am so they say the captain of my own ship..but what a ship..???..and will sit here soon,that is the big test the taming of the beast triffids within.