June 5th, 2011

Sunday 5th June 2011.

 Trinity Sunday once more,tis better to assume nothing....then the note pushed through the door " sorry to miss you "..holds nothing, the vacuum of the tapestry remains unblemished no ripple in the wind no dogs paws in silence pounding. The celluloid memories close the lid on Pandora's box tops...was it not the Boxtops whom sang about a letter,but perhaps that was to a girl friend,perhaps it was not even Trinity Sunday,back then in the sixties when childhood was ruffled hair short trousers and witches in the night..dreams nightmares ten a penny as age creeps in unison to the ticking clock.
Yet i am neither sad or unhappy,maybe just a touch baffled,as this day begins to sink into oblivion and did not Bob Dylan once say.

" You can't be in love and wise at the same time. "

And so i must now once more pull the main sail stir up the rigging glance into the coming week and hope...yes as Lunawillowsong says " Hope ", and as my old friend Hugh sighed " so goeth..."