July 14th, 2011

Thursday 14th July 2011..

Bastille Day....the mind boggles, the lips lower,the shifting history books probably tell more fake full stops from story tellers, lambasted with the past, such a chain, such an anchor, in the shore of the door way, the pool of piss, the ripped Durex the last gasp the haunting memory is history in yellowing parchment..Is that not better than digital and the Murdoch tin drum.....for whom the knives are out as sharp as blood itself spilled in the name of journalistic freedom.
Do the British public give a flying fuck about phone hacking,they do not even give a fuck about working until they are eighty and all the rest of the propaganda...how much longer before masturbation is taxed,will the British riot....perhaps not on a wet and windy soggy Sunday no they will miss their News of the World and all the naked rampant vicars on the rampage...on a trinity Sunday morning so goeth.