July 20th, 2011

Wednesday 20th July 2011.

 Drat..the big wide blank white screen is going to beat me today..i feel as if my eyeballs have taken my mind to never never land somewhere on the dark side of the moon..where no such thing as transvestites exist...where life is a hop skip and jump all in the name of mankind. Where the first men on the moon have risen above the nostalgia bluff memories of that indeed remarkable day.
A day imprinted on my mind,still as fresh as if yesterday....yet i now find i have to carry a tiny jotting book to scribble down and remember a shopping list from the morrow of the day only a few hours old so that i do not forget. Perhaps the first men on the moon was far more important than a few trinkets....and talking of trinkets i bought a really nice smutty red nail varnish for when i am home alone soon.The slut inside me screamed yes...but what would the men in the moon think..or even myself back then on that sunny day, now knowing i pull on the twisted stockings...flip the suspender belt and trade my whores....life is indeed unusual....