September 6th, 2011

Tuesday 6th September 2011.

The blank screen stares..howls...the silence is quite deaf,hearing aids rattle in the wind..leaves that are green bring now the Autumn crush, the pink filled glasses of melancholy madness frothers as winters footsteps fall in green bottled unison to march upon my mind..will i win the day for once as Autumn bites amongst the futures dark nights...
Today i had the wireless on in my tiny red van...the BBC are doing ten years on from nine-eleven a stucco in American voices rich hums through the wireless i could almost touch the voice each whisper a reflection on that day my own thoughts a blur confusion boxed in pink my own day reflected. Another voice breaks the time lock arrrhh yes today's news.....again American....a man walks into a pancake house and opens fire Carson City Nevada...the news reel rolls on, i am no longer shocked, as if on auto-pilot i change down from third to second gear in my tiny red van turning the corner in this metropolis of red bricked mortered City...i do not blink only sigh America.