October 4th, 2011

Tuesday 4th October 2011.

I am becoming quite used to this new note book takes only a few minutes rather than an hour for the old one to liven up,i save that old PC girl for the weekends until i buy a new desk top. Every thing seems instant for my old loafing mind to trundle through instead of banging my head against an imaginary brick wall as the tired old girl hissed and fitted as i complained in my inner mind in thoughts that could kill mash anything that required starting up at the press of a button. It has also helped connecting a mouse,rather than using the touch pad perhaps i am to used the mouse rather treating it as some adult dummy a must have or stamp my tiny feet.
Such stampings will have to wait as my eye lids have spoken and spoken so harshly, time they say to end my day the second hand of the clock speaks in unison, the clouds in my mind react with the racing clouds, in the dark sky an areoplane on approach echoes within this urban building for it is time to let the demons roam to have their merry way for i am to tired to fight them off tonight,the problem is they know it..so goeth...to keep the old mentor going where ever he is.