October 20th, 2011

Thursday 20th October 2011.

I am well past thirty,Tomorrow...i receive my long service award for thirty years of hard graft with a few slippery eels thrown in along the winding road this journey has been, many thoughts have been on my mind as i have looked back over the years, so many changes and oh so many not for the good for mankind or indeed the planet.
One such thought is that i will never see another thirty..Vanity can play the most awful of tricks...however i have not dwelt on the subject to long, more of stuff my face in the sunshine sing a few ditties from my favourite songs that play on the repeat button in the crazy street mix that in habits my mind but now it is time to turn out the light and say good night to all whom drift this way....your much in my thoughts as the wind bites the crazy world into small dobbin's theifed from the pockets of small boys from the distant past when pockets full of marbles was indeed a richness to behold.