November 2nd, 2011

Wednesday 2nd November 2011.

I know that today is Wednesday simply because the parish church bells are always stroked during this evening of the week, for perhaps half an hour, this allowance is granted by  the local people in the red bricked suburb whom are in ears reach of the bells that toll, this music from time past playing on their ears is perhaps  no longer to be tolerated, as it just might interfere with the sound of the television, the boiling kettle, during discussions of which celebrity is wearing pink panties today.
The sound on the evening air is a throw back from a time when such sounds clapped in unison with ones own thoughts...i do not really believe everything or perhaps anything that has sprung from the desert faiths, but this does not stop me from enjoying such a sound clattering around cobbled streets, or in the dank dark days of November hanging from the glow in the cascade from the electric street lights that follow my footsteps as i walk home kicking away the fallen leaves in glee as if i was still a child.
Yet tonight was slightly i lowered my tiny red vans window to pick up the vibes as i passed the flood lite church, i was a naughty boy as i failed to let in a young man in his car cross the flow of traffic, as perhaps my mind was simply on the bells...for a mere few seconds as the traffic stood still..he proceeded to clap his hands and shout out from the window that i was a wanker and tosser....he failed to call me a transvestite perhaps he did not know....he was certainly right about wanker and tosser for i have done plenty of that down the years and will continue to do so as i see was his intolerance that really miffed me so many people these days have seemed to have lost such an art. And if i believed in sin..then thank goodness there are strict gun laws in this country as i might have retorted about something like vermin had i been in the same frame of mind as his....but i simply sighed more so as i missed for whom the bells toll....

Good night all whom pass this way take care and be safe...for there is still a lot of beauty in the world.