November 13th, 2011

Sunday 13th November 2011. a word my mother always said was poor English Grammar therefore not to be used as a written word,she also said that there is no such word as Cannot....There are letter boxes on most front doors in England..perhaps it...cannot...could have been scribbled on a card and pushed through the door with ease in the last few days, as in this dawn hour i reflect that fifty six years ago i was plucked from her body.
The small boy in me giggles at the naughtiness in my scribbles,such impertinence and he should be reprimanded in some form,though he would enjoy such moments from some Bdsm Dom..and yet he wrestled with the demons when the overpowering mother trampled on so much in those years.
My youth was littered with such incidents and however i try to chain them up in some small corner of my mind they some how wax out to float around the chewing fraction of my mind causing a fog of the why's and why-nots in life,these escaped incidents feel just as crisp today even after all the days long marched until i sit here as the new dawn breaks on this day my birthday and as my old friend Hugh would say so goeth.
But...let me not linger on such opening random thoughts..lets just say hello bright new day..and yes the slut is keen to scream her loudest big cocks she says..ssshhh lets wait until next year they will keep i am sure....ha she replies you big cock in your mouth for a long period is not good for you no hot seed to feast on...i sigh the old slapper is right i can feel the ache beginning to grow to intolerance levels is they say a gas and the old slapper never gives up..which is perhaps why i luv her so..kisses for those whom look for sanctuary inside this body of mine long may they keep me going for a few more its...and cannots...
To whom ever passes this way today...hugs to you..there are still parts of the world wonderful enough to smile at.