November 27th, 2011

Sunday 27th November 2011

The white blank screen,stares once throws echoes around this tiny shrine i sit in,the ghosts on the walls giggle, point their stubby fingers, hand fulls of echoes from them, also plague my vision as i stare at my new flying machine.
The machine which takes those inside me to the most darkest of corners in the web,the machine which lets the slut inside me feast on the ribbons caught around the champagne super nova's in the sky..could i live without a Desk top PC....what a strange conception when i contemplate the past..these last 56 years of walking the planet.
After five years of saving i have bought an Apple i-mac....for two night i have simply sat here starring at it...however i have been ordered to name some affection as well as the will power to skip through my blogs and scribble rather than simply gazing through the amps in flasher mode dressed in the dirty old rain mac and hobnailed boots always with pink laces which reminds me some body owes me some pink laces..uuurrrmmm...slut grin to myself the ticking clock pause also for a tiny milli-second greats me into the brand new day.
The November dank darkness still hovers outside the window..the slut hides in a crimson baby doll a ridiculous thing but she is happy until work calls for it is that time of year when the zombies of work stretch the imagination way beyond the reason why i ever rise from the warm pit, to tread amongst the concrete garbage which is becoming more and more awesome, in living within the red bricked urban sprawl of the great city...on that note...i sigh pause and close..for those whom pass this way today blessings to you and most of all peace.