December 9th, 2011

Friday 9th December 2011.

And so the year,begins the stagger...the slip slide to the pit of New Years Eve, with....WHAT EVER... the new year crumbles to the pebbles i have to sift through on my journey to where ever i am going.....the twists turns the valleys and cauldrons i tread upon in richness and dread are beginning to catapult to the front of my mind....forming two zones of how has the year been,could i consider it a good year or simply to full of melancholy madness.....and what of the new year coming, will it rise up and suck my head off in an orgy of delights, wants, or simply slide into the mire in living in the carbuncled urban sprawl of city life...

I am after all,the captain of my ship,though there is a Bitch sitting up amongst the moon beams whom for my own vanity is rich beyond the champagne super nova's staggering through the universe,which guides me through the heavy daily pebbles i touch...Each year i promise myself to linger here amongst the white screen before me now, far more than i do,alas the lazy slut inside whom thinks cock hunting is the life and being has other ideas...finding the happy medium will be one of my yearly new years promises.