February 3rd, 2012

Friday 3rd February 2012.

It was hard to raise the Friday feeling today..the bitter winter continues to play havoc with my inner most self, the pigs of death have stormed my bastille, the encasement in which i protect my summer feelings from the winter demons, who's burster-blood-vessel chants shouting down my ears has made me over the years detest the opening three months of the year.
Only knowing i have trod on some of the worlds sandy beaches keeps me dragging my pink laced hobnailed boots through the fog of Jack Frost and his merry winters band..despite  all this pondering....i am quite well looking forward to the weekend with a pinch of luck and perhaps a bottle or two of Chardonnay Winter will fade from my mind for a couple of hours at least.
Tomorrow as they say is another day..perhaps it could possibly be in paradise. Perhaps Elephants may run-a-mock down the road blaring and farting over this winter of discontent to bring in the spring...