February 26th, 2012

Sunday 26th February 2012.

Today is my Trinity Sunday,at last some of the Elephants have packed their trunks and ambled away to the circus,i am thankful that the small ant indeed farted letting out such noisy gas that the Elephants had no choice, but to leave in an orderly manner, other wise i would have been in deepest darkest mire,as their clutter deep breathing and sexual antics was fogging my mind into oblivion.
Sunday is my favourite day a retreat from the world at war lured by greater depths found inside the media walrus...i have on my desk picture of a Manchester University students thoughts on the media written in 1999..it was made into a poster and presented in the art galley of year end students..she signed herself as Emily D...i do so wonder where she is now and still holds the same views. As the media has changed since 1999....but sadly for the worse or perhaps i am to old and fart to much and miss the fact you could once wrap your fish and chips in all their out pouring of elephant piss. And think bollocks to all that it implied.
I am though relevantly quite relaxed in good humour considering winter still wraps its iced fingers around my navel,clatters amongst my ears and pours the dark grey skies in monotonous horizons as far as my eyes can see. The screaming slut hiding behind the male skin screams pokes fun at this amble through the streets of life castigating the last male taboo talked about on the male shop floor. However as the years roll by i have been able to turn the transvestite within to akin a pair of comfortable shoes slipped on here and there when the opportunity arises...with that i look forward to spring...Yippie....