March 4th, 2012

Sunday 4th March 2012.

I am going to say myself...just to see how this big white blank screen reacts...on this Sunday night whilst i am sober..which is most unusual for a Sunday. Normally i am not quite the captain of my ship not stood at the tiller on the poop deck faced into the wind fighting the cauldron of despots whom tiller my way.
I am at ease the big bug eyed whirling Elephants have gone they have flung their last donuts triumphed their last carrion call until at least the ant has left his mocked up bed in some corner of my mind....What next week brings i am not sure nor do i want to look through the looking glass and find Alice has conjured up some strange feast in words...the world beyond my window can wait a few more hours before i have to face the ice dragon in cold hearted blood guts..the smack of a wailing siren has just passed my window the echo amongst the empty streets clashes with the echoing music from the film Ghosts i pick up coming form further in the house.
Such a gripping song with host of memories tucked within the label...i recall watching the film from the back of an aircraft seat Between Sydney and Perth on my way to see my Aunt..i know i was thankful for the lights being out as the old eyes felt the heat of water dribbling.
Some people i really miss and they are always those whom have left paw prints on my goeth...