August 19th, 2012

Sunday 19th August 2012. here the last few weeks of an English summer..the sparkle this year did not arrive i cannot recall when IT last did.....My mind seems to think 1974..when the country ran out of beer and ice cream cracked the flags buckled the railway lines and tar became more than jolly...has there been another summer like it perhaps 1974 i had more hair than i could cope with i was taken for a fem more times than i care to mention, quite ironic as i fell into being a transvetite, even back then the growing pains were quite relevent, never the less i am here now in today..the sun has sunk behind the trees the blight of work stares me in the face, my panties are neatly washed,as the  crazy week lies ahead....blessings to all whom gasp...this one could say so goeth.