September 8th, 2012

Saturday 8th September 2012.

Tis but 3am...for now the demons have ran away and left me quite wide awake,i have come to sit for a short while hoping my eyes will droop back to sleep even though it might entice the demons back to play inside my head, even after 56 years they still delight themselves to play amongst the baggage i have collected over these past decades.
They fart belch fuck amongst themselves not even the old elephants big and strong as they are can push them out side and away from my nightmares, one thing after all these years is that i have become used to them and thankfully within a few moments sometimes as i pull on my panties their ramblings are forgotten,Tis only as i walk to work sometimes so vivid they have been that i do recall what they have been playing at,tis those that catch my breath and make the howling trees inside my head wince cringe and indeed wonder as i look up at the sky..Winter is far worse as a ghoul,ghost big hairy monsters seem to be behind each tree as each foot fall takes me towards the bright lights of the Trojan Horse that the Protestant Work Ethic that has so  embellished within ourselves over the Centuries in dear old England.
So goeth as my old friend Hugh would say...