October 22nd, 2012

Monday 22nd October 2012.

The blank screen jibes, does bunny-hops around the simple word Monday,trills,pokes out the cyber tongue,perhaps upset that i have made it through the day or perhaps is glad to see me kiss the keys with a deft two-finger jab. Either way i have come to sit before this screen and contemplate where the last Samurai has taken me in the sparrow pit of things,Simple Moments in time that have glazed small fractions,into my mind these past few days..i wonder if the abandoned pair of black high heel shoes on the side walk perfectly postioned together, stood calm motionless amongst the Friday rush hour crowd of shod humans...herding themselves to the bright lights and the glory Fridays can bring. Why where they abandoned there right in the middle of the side walk why indeed had they captured my own imagination to sit and think on them this Monday night, no gutter for those delights, no kick off gasp spasm of abandonment,no scuff buff,screaming skin.
Was there owner so weary simply wanting to feel toes amongst the urban myth, or had some transvestite thought sod it better " barefoot me dear " speedily disappearing into the Manchester night air in combustable kiss me quick hats....i must admit deep down i thought ooohhh..would luv a pair as i also thronged past...Though the greatest thought in all that mass of flesh rushing hither, was perhaps they still stood there at all, peaceful calm telling the greatest story in high heeled shoes history,and yet no one stopped to listen for the story peculating from the abandoned shoes,which drifted only in whispers and only told to itself amongst the throng of deafness.Then perhaps were they even shoes at all, i saw.