February 11th, 2013

Monday 11th February 2013.

Snow fell as my footsteps crossed cracked pavements,tiny buzz droplets so many i could count as each one fell they shimmered under the luminous street lights,blown stricken on a morbid Monday morning they gathered in huddles to protect themselves from the rubber tyres stretching on carrying the works crusade for the mass of the great unwashed.
An empty plastic beer pot laid in the gutter was picked up by the spirit of the wind it hollow rattled, picked up speed and sped to rest under the sleeping bush the outlandish noise rattled my head as i watched this thrown away plastic pot twist once more before laying to rest.
The day engulfed the hours spread in sleeping peanut butter i grappled with the opening working day and asked myself..WHY...no answer came,befuddled i close...so goeth.