March 19th, 2013

Monday 18 th March 2013.

This must be the only country that does nothing for Paddy's day it has quite taken me by surprise as i noted today that the mass drinking binge it brings has just faded into the sunset. In rural Philippines the days name means bog all, each day is the same there is no Friday fizz, no panties down in the street after yards of ale are poured down the throat not that i suppose many sissy's drink yards of ale, preferring instead no never mind just say other liquids. No youths in the gutter calling for the god of ugg...Or any of the merry stuff seen on English streets in the name of the weekend
The crowing cock has lost touch when sunrise is and continues through out the day to prime his stance on the world and hopefully is not picked during May time fiesta to perform in the inner square to the death as cock fighting is still a sport in these islands the only thing that has changed since i last travelled this way is that big betting who will win has now gone. The bankers charade of creating havoc with other people's money has even reached amongst the coconut and banana trees that shade one from the sun and only small bets of a few Paso's for now has become the norm. I noticed today on my travels the local arena for cock fighting is being built near the shoreline for would be winners to dance among the surf or perhaps drown should your prize bird loose.Me myself i would prefer real cocks the human kind no such thing as to the bitter end  just to see who's would wilt first now that would be worth betting on and an impossible goeth...