April 9th, 2013

Tuesday 9th April 2013.

In the early hours of this Singapore morning,as i was reading bennybunny blog i came across the passing away of Margret Thatcher,i sat back in this chair and thought WOW...i dribbled through his words on it and thought WOW..again...on the way to the tube station i bought a copy of the SIngapore Striats Times..." Iron Lady " of Britain dies of a stroke at 87..." A grocers daughter....how would Britain be today if she had been a miners daughter ??? would she have been the same i thought as those words jumped off the printed page....everyone in Britain on this day has a story to tell,in away i am thankful..i am out of the country selfish i know but there it is... even so she has been on my mind all day..as i walked a long Changi Beach she was there..standing outside the Forces Hospital i was born in she was there, as i rode back to the hostel on the bus she was sat besides me. Each British Blog i have read today has aired their thoughts such was her power to be both loved and hated in the same room..memories from the age of when some of us were six to those i should only whisper at that time she was in power.
When in such a state i notice more of my surroundings trying to find answers to the questions bouncing in my head...On a building site " When we build buildings we build people too "....outside a religious building..." Jesus said i am the way the truth the life "....The legacy Singapore is trying to leave it's people is built on the last fifty years and the next fifty.... If Jesus was indeed Jesus people believe his words are immortal..i have a feeling that Margret Thatcher's will be the same...you could say both Singapore's and Jesus's are positive. Margret Thatchers is either a plastic or silver  spoon....depending in which house you were born. Her legacy was voted in by the previous generation the same generation that took us into the Common Market,,they were sold the story about ME...and the immortal words..I'm in the life boat fuck you jack... was in the common tongue of the day.
When i was coming through childhood to youth it was always think of other people..mind your P's and Q's...each day...at school we had free milk we were thought to be that impoverished...as school closed we stood placed our chair on the desk to help the cleaners and the teacher read out the same prayer each day...some lines have stuck in my head for the last fifty years...to give and not to count the cost...to fight and not to heed the wound to toil and not to seek to rest....At the time when Thatcher was selling Britain's assets my mother opened her handbag whispered think of yourself and buy as many shares as you can afford...i was at the time dum-struck...thoughts of to give and not count the cost cascaded, not then instantly, but as the years rolled by, could they whom rushed to buy, not see what was coming down the line in fifty years as far as utility bills etc was concerned ..please show me the competition in utility company's..bus company's please show me this choice which was promised and they bought it...did they not stop and think of the next generations coming down the line, did they not look into their grand kids eyes and say what if...Hitler's dream of a thousand year Reich eluded him Margret Thatchers won't.
I am not all innocent in all these years if i have one regret..tis not supporting the miners enough...i do not hate thatcher or luv her i pity her perhaps that is a crime in it's self....
There are tonight more guests in the hostel, i am not alone behind me they are laughing amongst them selves life goes on..so must i..so goeth..