May 27th, 2013

Monday 27th May 2013.

Another bank holiday slips into darkness..the rush of rubber tyres beyond the window rumbles haphazardly down the B..what ever road...the sunshine came went was scurried out by fresh raindrops the dogs bollocks on this May weather front..even Elephants become tired of the rain cascade. They in heavy footsteps have been marching through my mind...which is why perhaps i am sober for a bank holiday...perhaps they fancied eating my panties or simply thought fuck the rain..we'll hide in this empty head, after all this slut is still looking for the Last Samurai...cannot think wonder the head is empty..when possibly she should be looking for the escape artist whom landed such a big postal bonus on the yearly results whilst still holding a whip head high saying faster faster..lapse lapse in grumble weed land not even postman pat would stroke Jess and wonder what the real meaning of imprinted on the house of commons bog paper..perhaps the house of commons should change its name for it is certainly not common any more perhaps Toy town...or more to the point The Magic Roundabout..though i think i am steaming towards Hectors House one of the worst five min cartoons ever put on Children"s TV, back in the days when the word Transvestite ran off the Test card screaming...WTF....while dressed as Andy there is a good name for the man whom wears a blue tie perhaps if Andy Pandy stood at the next general election it would be a land slide and perhaps i could still search for the Last goeth.