January 5th, 2014

Sunday 5th January 2014.

Tonight for myself tis time to kiss Christmas good bye, until it is time to meet again, no doubt at the end of September judging by the fact you can already buy Easter Eggs now…the world has gone mad or perhaps insane only old Sissy's like myself who stick to some old traditions hold the slim end of the field and we are dying out, already pushed back to the ten yard line…where we huddle and shiver as old grumps…i was going to say men but i think i have crossed the fork in the wood..what indeed would R.Frost think of me…lol…a sissy..oh well life..
I suspect in the future Christmas..Easter will become one, a snow ball of egg yoke… thrust into the market place to yum yum on whilst watching the Great Escape…. thinking on such and...In true japanese style i go out with three songs which came on my shuffling I-Pod….Edith Piaf…La Foule…Sex Pistols…L'Anarchie pour le U.K. and the Bhundu Boys….Kupedza Muto….which should cloud me from all the dark goblins going to come my way in 2014…may i make them fart in the wind also...