January 17th, 2014

Friday 17th January 2014.

Wow..tis Friday evening at last, i feel as if i have missed a weekend in the antic's of the bare faced ticking clock, so rolled up has been the week, in the heavy chains, the modern work ethic now splits amongst the shoulder blades, not even chocolate Goblins have eased the waking hours in such thoughts, as i have far to often munched on them these passing days..always leaving the best bits until the end..yes the sprouting chocolate cocks no wonder Goblins walk with a rolling gait, no wonder Goblins carry those dark smiles amongst their robes as they travel amongst the leaf mould in the wild wood.
I have said i am weary of Winters Gate and so i am…brrrr, i think on these past days as i have stepped out into the air i could cut with a knife, but perhaps not, as i pulled on my woolly hat to face the World head first…to fight amongst clanking garbage drifting along my vision..so as i am neatly in my tiny shrine which holds this machine…i poke out my tongue to the world, spy the clock, the pillow calls and yes i can see the night Goblins, the Black Feet Goblins by far the most horny for trouble already peering from behind the Wall paper…Tish, i think and perhaps smile for tis weekend…yippie...