May 1st, 2014

Thursday 1st May 2014.

Is it really May…have the flag poles there moss growing on the May Poles, are they silent for stinging nettles, perhaps growing too high to reach for the pretty ribbons there once was. Do simply Goblin Spiders weave their carpet of Bad Moon Rising..thankfully i see the weekend peeping over the horizon, which means i can swish away the spiders and have thoughts on how far away the Last Samurai really is, as perhaps summer comes dancing down the lane…well not quite yet let me not become to excited or my wrinkled stockings may just….,the grip of coldness stills shifts the blue bells into shiver mode, as darkness descends on the blowing rubbish swirling in the depths of Urban living that my fellow countrymen leave in huge amounts perhaps for the Goblin Spiders to take care of.
Tis not the Utopia that was once a pipe dream for some…the sort i read as a school boy in Dan Dare Urban living is roaming free with Goblin Spiders perhaps there is a film in that perhaps i could move to Hollywood rather than live under the red bricked, kissed by grey slate roof dwellings given to us by King Cotton Barons whom perhaps thought fuck the working class give um shit pay um shit and perhaps they will eat shit…..and on that note with a cheerful smile...Hello May….Tis Workers Day…so goeth...