December 22nd, 2014

Monday 22nd December 2014.

Christmas Traffic deep in the urban sprawl...was not the best to flow around in my tiny red van..the fact i was playing Christmas tunes on the wireless perhaps stopped me from smashing my head against the windscreen in disbelief...this festive season my Favourite Christmas tune has to be..." In the bleak mid winter "..the singer bares no special creed in my imagination all whom have recorded it over the years..touches me into thoughts of those still on thier journeys, and those whom toil no more......
I am weary, tired, glad this long haul is almost over, one full working day saddle to mount..then a tip toe through the tulips for the eve of Christmas with a minor skirmish in the saddle only..then the rush of released emotions falling into a sigh over in thankfulness that i have made it..and to blow bubbles to hope for peace for all to whom are to weary to throw Poo the face of adversity...So Goeth..